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I am a fitness fanatic with an obsession with baking. Obviously the two do not go hand in hand! I am a national figure competitor who raises money for my shows by selling baked goods. I hope to open my own bakery, Mo's Doughs, with my wonderful husband in the future and bake delicious sweets on a daily basis!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Red Velvet Cake

Have you seen this post on FoodandWine.com? It has some fun and interesting facts regarding Red Velvet Cake.  I had no idea why the cake is red, but I LOVE the story...being a true Texan and all. :)

Definitely check it out! (Food and Wine Article)


Writing for the New York Times, Kim Severson has an in-depth and interesting look at the history of what sometimes seems like America’s most popular dessert. She traces red velvet cake from its humble beginnings to its almost overwhelming presence in today’s culinary scene. You should read the whole thing, but here are 7 facts to get you started: 

1. Velvet cake dates back to the 19th century. “Cooks in the 1800s used almond flour, cocoa or cornstarch to soften the protein in flour and make finer-textured cakes that were then, with a Victorian flair, named velvet.” 

 2. It got no love in one of our most important cookbooks. “‘Generally popular,’ wrote Irma S. Rombauer in the 1943 edition of The Joy of Cooking, ‘but not with me.’” 

 3. Or from the grandfather of American food obsession. “In 1972, James Beard sneered that the cake was bland and uninteresting.” 

 4. It is red because a man from Texas wanted to sell more food dye. “After Congress passed the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in 1938, shoring up regulations for food coloring, [John A.] Adams (owner of the Adams Extract Company) figured he could sell a lot more extracts and dyes, and a red cake would be just the way to do it.” 

 5. It got a lot of help from 2 Magnolias. “Driven in part by a cameo as an armadillo groom’s cake in Steel Magnolias in 1989 and the arrival of the Magnolia Bakery in the West Village in New York City in 1996, red velvet gained new life.” 

6. It is part of a ridiculous number of menu items now. “In 2009, red velvet cake flavoring was part of 1.5 percent of all items on menus. By 2013, it was in 4.1 percent of items, according to data gathered by David Sprinkle, research director of Packaged Facts, a publisher.” 

 7. And some of those items are insane. “In San Francisco, where one presumes people know better, the American Cupcake bar and bakery offers chicken that has been soaked in red velvet cake batter, rolled in toasted red velvet cupcake crumbs and fried. The dish comes with garlic- and cream-cheese mashed potatoes and cocoa-infused slaw.”

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Holidays Are Upon Us

It has been such a long time since I have posted to this blog, and for that, I apologize.
I have been caught up in moving and career changes for the past year and well, time got away from me.

With that said...IT'S HOLIDAY SEASON!!  Who else is extremely excited for the temperature change, the warm pumpkin and cinnamon smells coming from the oven, and sweaters? 

I can't wait to start taking orders for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Hellllooooo amazing treats and a house that smells just as good because of it.

Pumpkin items may not be on my menu, but rest assured, I will make them:

Cake Balls
Whatever your fall/winter season heart desires!

Let me know your preferences or any ideas and I'll be happy to accommodate to the best of my ability.

Here's to a new season and hopefully more blogs!
Photos of recent creations to come soon.

Morgan Bacia
Mo's Doughs

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fairwell to 2011

2011 was a very VERY good year to my husband and I.  We overcame a ton of obstacles and see many more ahead of us in the future.  However, we are looking forward to these obstacles as it is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.  We have become stronger through everything life has thrown at us and we know that no matter what lies ahead, as long as we have each other, stay focused and true to ourselves, we can do anything.

2012 is bound to be another wonderful year for Adam and I.  Resolutions are in the making and we are sticking to them this year!  I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and makes it a fantastic one!!

A look back at the 2011 flavors
Mo's Doughs put out some awesome flavors this year: Strawberry Lemonade, Vanilla Peppermint, Andes Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Vanilla, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Pumpkin and Maple, Cheesecakes with Pumpkin Pie Frosting, Coconut, Reeses Toffee Crunch, etc. etc.!!  I had so much fun being creative and making these fun flavors for my amazing customers.  Thank you everyone for supporting me and allowing me to be a part of your celebrations.  I hope to continue to provide my services for a long time....and hopefully one day - full time!  Wishful Thinking!

Andes Mint Chocolate Cake Ball

Vanilla Peppermint

Pumpkin with Maple Frosting

Cheesecake Cupcake with Pumpkin Pie Frosting

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Over Indulgence

As a figure competitor, I am strictly limited to sugar intake during competition season...meaning, I don't get to eat any of my favorite sweets for months at a time.  I recently competed in what I will call my final show - until I am at the age I will compete in the masters division.  Typically, the day before a competition, you are allowed something really dense and sweet (carbing up), my trainer prefers cheesecake.  Well, obviously being a baker, I had a ton of left over truffles from a large order I just fulfilled and took them with me to my competition.  These leftovers included Strawberry, Cream Cheese Brownie, Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Red Velvet.  Yes - I took 12 of those delicious treats with me on a 2 day trip - with the intention of sharing, of course!!  Ya right!

The morning of my show, I ate 3 cake balls.  Throughout the day, I probably consumed 3 more and 1 more before hitting the stage.  The next day - yep - I ate 2-3 more!  Holy moly - Sugar overload...as much as I love these things, I just don't think I can eat another one for at least another week.  *wink*

For those curious people out there - I did end up winning my class and got 2nd in overall!!  Guess all those cakeballs were well deserved!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Competitors Happy Place

Some of you may or may not know that I am a fitness fanatic!  I compete in both the NPC and INBF federations in the figure division.  I have several friends that also compete with me and one thing I have learned that we all have in common is our LOVE for peanut butter and chocolate!  I'm not really sure what it is about peanut butter (I didn't even really like it until I started competing) but it's a treat that we all crave and I have yet to meet a competitor that dislikes it.  I'm drooling right now just thinking about it!  Ha!

A girlfriend of mine, Lindsey Meyer, just celebrated her birthday - which by coincidence took place right after a major competition in which she competed in the bikini division.  Let me just say that after 8 weeks of heavy dieting and working out - she was really craving some goodies!  So - here's what I created for her...

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with a Whipped Peanut Butter Frosting topped with Toffee Bits and a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!

She loved it, I loved it, and I am pretty sure everyone at the birthday celebration loved it as well!  I'm definitely keeping this recipe in my back pocket for future use!!  DELICIOUS!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream and Whipped Peanut Butter Filling

This week I had a request to make a chocolate cake for a 30th birthday!  You know what I like with chocolate?  Peanut Butter!!

I made the most decadent 2 layer chocolate cake - extremely moist and dense.  For the filling, I made a whipped peanut butter filling: butter, peanut butter, powdered sugar and a tad of milk.  The frosting is in a league of it's own: Chocolate Buttercream...it was not too sweat and not too chocolately - just perfect for this cake!

Wish it was my 30th birthday all over again and I'd make myself one!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Cupcakes & Cake Pops

This weekend I will be attending a bridal shower for my dear friend since elementary school.  I volunteered to make the pastries, as I think it's more special when it comes from someone you know.  I took much consideration in creating the perfect desserts for this friend, as I found out her favorite flavors are Strawberry and Chocolate.  I also know that her wedding colors are black and white (with possibly a hint of some other bright color).

Everyone does cupcakes for these types of events, so I thought outside the box a little bit on this particular occasion.  What if I created 2 kinds of cupcakes: Strawberry with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Icing and a Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream Icing?  Not only that, but what if I created Cake Ball Pops with the left over cake and put the opposite flavor of Cake Ball Pop into the other Cupcake?  OMG, what a fantastic idea!!

For the Strawberry Cake Balls, I dipped them in pink chocolate and donned them with flash frozen strawberry pieces...they look absolutely adorable (like pink flowers).  For the Chocolate Cake Balls, I dipped them in Milk Chocolate and decorated them with a Malt Ball Crunch for texture.

Here are the results:

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